Zarafshan food products from primary of establishment has been set a powerful team motivated from making new approach to importance and efficiency of saffron.

Zarafshan with producing new products according to international quality standard and supply it into full new package try to fulfil consumer's need. Also this company with possession of design part has possibility to produce special products according to consumer's requirements in vast capability. This company in order to promotion and preserve quality of its products establish a laboratory to control product quality. This laboratory is equipped with technology and modern facilities.

Packaging products is done by precise systems, trained and experienced persons. This company was the first producer of saffron spray and have patent and exclusive right for this product. Thus this company is proud to has significant and undeniable role to introduce Iranian high quality saffron to global markets.

We hope that the commercial name of Zarafshan take into account as one of the glory food industry in this country. In this way Zarafshan food industry colleagues are determined to serve the best in order to bring the competence of Iran to world markets.

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