These days reduce consumption of edible oils is one of the most important issues that are taken into consideration and according to investigation that is done, using oil in form of spray is one of the best form of using liquid oil and it has several features. 

Content of this can has long shelf so that during this time preserve its quality and properties. The main substance used in this product is saffron grade 1 that at first examined in Aydanamaye Naghshe Jahan specialized laboratory and in case of approval, it will be sent to product line for use.

The role of olive oil has long been established in prevention of heart disease.

Using saffron spray have several different benefits that is a result of extensive researches of Zarafshan food product's specialist and scholars.

Impressive Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil For Skin, Hair & Health

In Iran usually saffron produce divided into six categories.

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