Content of this can has long shelf so that during this time preserve its quality and properties. The main substance used in this product is saffron grade 1 that at first examined in Aydanamaye Naghshe Jahan specialized laboratory and in case of approval, it will be sent to product line for use.Jasmine Flowers

Saffron spray has unique technical and new characteristics and due to this fact it is mentioned as global inventor. Inside the spray there is a pocket that saffron liquid through valve flow into pocket. on the other hand, propeller gas injected at the back of the pocket in a shape that gas do not have any contact with saffron liquid. as soon as press the spray button, propeller gas makes to sprinkle saffron liquid outside the spray. The causes that make decrease the shelf life of saffron liquid are light and air so saffron spray design in such a way that these factors are away from saffron liquid inside the spray. On the other hand, saffron should be away from any microbes. This packaging provides a possibility to avoid microbes inside saffron liquid.

Considering that saffron liquid inside the spray should be provide from saffron grade 1 and water. by six year researchable activities come to specialty of saffron liquid that without any preservative and additive materials saffron has high shelf the result good smell, flavor and color can be sense in Zarafshan saffron spray and cause consumers' satisfaction.

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