These days reduce consumption of edible oils is one of the most important issues that are taken into consideration and according to investigation that is done, using oil in form of spray is one of the best form of using liquid oil and it has several features.Ginger tea

some benefits of using edible oil sprays:

  • always oil inside spray keep in completely closed area
  • under controlling the rate of edible oil consumption (optimization of oil consumption)
  • easy to use oil for consumers (better efficiency)
  • prevent from oil physicochemical changes (considering type of packaging)
  • increase person's health and consequently improve community health
  • reduction of at least 40% of disease caused by excessive oil consumption (in case of replacement of this way for oil)
  • reduce costs of public and government due to reduce diseases caused by excessive use of oil
  • Air does not pass through can
  • due to the fact that one of the factor to reduce oil quality is light but considering light does not shine into can so makes increase shelf life of the oil.
  • Considering that in some cases using time of all the oil get prolonged, imported oxygen decrease the quality of oil inside the bottle but in oil sprays we can use oil with any amount without the air contact.
  • This product can be used in cook and decorate variety of foods including rice, salad, dessert, and confectionary
  • Consumption control and optimization the oil in this way. Also due to maintenance condition increase shelf-life the oil.
  • The most important outcome generated from oil spray products is promotion health and hygiene indicators for consumers.

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